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Danish Warmblood Breed Description

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Breed Organization

North American Danish Warmblood Association NADWA

Native Country

Other Names

Adult Height
15.3h - 17h

Adult Weight

General Description

Dansk Varmblod is Denmark's largest horse breeding federation with more than 5000 members. Throughout the year many members? activities, tests and selections are arranged. Only the best horses are approved for breeding. In this way progress and quality are guaranteed.

Dansk Varmblod?s brand, the crown over the wave, is carried by the progeny of graded parents. For every single horse, there is an internationally recognised pedigree (Horse passport), which is an absolute guarantee of origin and identity.

As the only Danish Breeding Federation, Dansk Varmblod is a member of the global breeding organization World Breeding Federation for Sport Horses (WBFSH). The WBFSH runs the World Championship for Young Horses in both dressage and jumping, and has its main secretariat at the headquarters of Dansk Varmblod at The Danish National Equestrian Centre in Vilhelmsborg, in central Jutland.

To prove real ability under the saddle both mares and stallions are tested. They have to have a good temperament and be strong and intelligent riding horses as well. Only the best stallions are approved as sires of the future.


Throughout the years many international riders have been very successful with their Danish Warmblood horses and Danish Warmbloods always take part in the European Championships, the World Championships and the Olympic Games. In fact, at the Olympics in Sydney nine nations all included a Danish Warmblood in their equestrian team.

The two most important breeding events of the year are the Elite Mare show in late summer and the stallion grading in March. At the Elite Mare show and the National Stallion Show the most outstanding Danish horses are shown. The stallion grading also includes a Young Horse Championship and dressage and jumping competitions.


To prove real ability under the saddle both mares and stallions are tested. They have to have a good temperament and be strong and intelligent riding horses as well. Only the best stallions are approved as sires of the future.


While still a young breed, Danish warmbloods are currently represented at international competitions in both dressage and show jumping.



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