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LaPerm Breed Description

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Breed Organization

TICA Executive Office

The Cat Fanciers' Association

Native Country
United States Of America

Other Names

Coat Length
Longhair and Shorthair

Life Expectancy
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General Description

The LaPerm is a rex breed which originated in the United States and is now present in many other countries worldwide. The breed is genetically unique and not related to any other rex cat varieties, having a dominant gene causing their curly coats. They have an elegant and athletic build and are affectionate, active and outgoing in character. They are reputed to be hypoallergenic cats, provoking a significantly lower level of allergic response in humans than normal cats. Their most significant feature is their coat, which is made up of soft waves, curls and ringlets, resembling a shaggy perm.

Breed Standard

Head: A modified wedge, slightly rounded, gentle contours. Whisker pads should appear full and rounded.
Eyes: Large, almond-shaped, moderately spaced. No relationship between eye color and coat color.
Neck: Moderately long; carried high.
Body: Semi-foreign type, medium-sized. Surprisingly heavy for its size. Medium bone structure, fairly muscular.
Paw: Moderately long. Forelegs shorter than hind legs. Medium-boned. Fairly muscular. Round paws.
Tail: Long and slender. Wavy fur.
Coat: Two varieties: - shorthaired Coat: soft, silky texture, wavy on the back and belly. Moderate undercoat. - semilonghaired or longhaired Coat: soft and curly texture. Heavy undercoat. Ruff accepted in adults. Whiskers and hair inside the ears may be curly. These cats are hairless at least once in their life, often when they are very young. The coat often grows back curly. Colors: all are allowed.
Fault: No hair in the ears. No long, curly hair below the ears. Disqualify: thin, angular body. Short legs.


The LaPerm first came into being through a natural, spontaneous mutation in 1982 on the farm of Linda Koehl in The Dalles, Oregon, USA, from a gray tabby barn cat named Speedy. This breed is characterized by its curly coat and comes with either long or short hair. The kittens can be born with any one of three coat types: straight haired, curly coated, or bald.


The LaPerm is a clever inquisitive cat that thinks about how to get what it wants and how to use their paws to reach out and get exactly what they want whether it is a favorite toy or your attention. These mischievous clown-like cats with their curls and ringlets and innocent eyes make you laugh at their engaging antics. These active, outgoing cats like to be with you and to join in everything you are doing. They want to be close to you and will follow you around like a dog, ride on your shoulders, play games with you, or sprawl out next to you on the couch as you watch television. They are gentle affectionate cats who want human contact and will reach a paw out to pat your face. Their affectionate, loving nature means they get on well with children and other family pets, making them an ideal family companion. -TICA


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