The Furry Critter Network currently features breed descriptions/photo galleries for cats, dogs, cavies, horses, birds, and rabbits. While it is not our goal to sell animals over the internet, it is our goal to give you information to aid in making a choice. The transport of animals is an owner decision. Most reputable breeders will not have their animals shipped without first screening the prospective owner to determine if their animal is going to a loving home. At The Furry Critter Network we encourage and support this behavior. Rescue facilities operate in very much the same manner.

Taking on a new pet is adding a new member to your family. Please weigh the decision heavily before embarking on an endeavor for which you may not be ready. Each animal represents a life deserving of love and respect. We hope you have found this site of use and we endeavor to provide the most accurate and timely information available!
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